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    May 16, 2016
    Noticed my chicken is missing her bottom beak. May be a fe days old. Do beaks grow back if I can keep her fed & hydrated? [​IMG][/IMG]
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    [​IMG] GEEZ! Put her in solitary, if she isn't already. It looks like a predator of some kind got a hold of her. Unless you can give her 24/7 care, I would just put her down so she doesn't have to suffer. Poor girl!
    If you can take care of her, then yes, beaks will grow back, but I've only seen chips come off beaks before. If she still has bone where it needs to be, then it might grow back, very, very, slowly. Until then, though, she'll need to be tube fed and given water through a syringe a few times throughout the day.
    Put veterycin on the wound. It will keep infection out, and help it to heal quickly.
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    Theoretically, if you can keep a chicken fed and hydrated, they can live through almost anything. If this is days old, she will need water and electrolytes immediately. Does she have debris in her mouth?

    I'm sure you've cleaned the wound, but I would grab a box of q-tips and see if I could get any of that black stuff out. Then, her entire mouth would get a generous slather of neosporin pain relieving cream. At his point, if she's super sensitive to the pain-reliever, she'll just go to sleep, which may be better in this extreme case.

    If you don't have some already, grab some Tylan 50 from your local feed store and a syringe (no needle) for oral dosing. You may want to consider giving her a round of antibiotics.

    And like PeepersMama said, isolate IMMEDIATELY. Keep her some place dim, quiet, and warm... Get some fluids (Pedialyte, Save-A-Chick, or even sugar water work) in her first, then consider getting some KayTee baby birds food from Pets Mart. You will need to tube her some form of liquid or food four-ish times a day until enough of her beak grows back, so she can scoop water.

    Search "Go Team Tube Feeding" at the top of the forum for a great resource on tubing.

    Honestly, I would cull.

    I am very sorry this happened.

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    I agree.

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