missing cat..how do you cope with the not knowing?


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Apr 7, 2010
my cat has been missing for 4 days now and the not knowing what has happened or where he is is killing me. And the thought of telling the kids he's gone cripples me
he never leaves the front garden (he's had the snip so shouldnt have the urge to go wondering about)

ive done everything i can think of, noticed the locals, the shops, the police and animal centres, vets even local newspaper...but no sign of Tigroux

hope do you not go insane 'waiting' for news?? ive been stood at the window for days just looking out across the fields hoping to catch a glimpse of him....
I have had cats go missing for days and then come home ,have you checked sheds or garages,is there anyone on vacation near you that he may be locked in there house or garage?We had one go missing for 2 weeks and come home on Christmas Day it was the best present ever because I was like you searching every where .He will come home cats wander even if they are neutered
Have you talked to people in your neighborhood or gone door to door with flyers? I ask because I've heard of more than a few instances of cats being drawn to neighbors' houses by free hand-outs of food, and if kitty hangs around long enough, the neighbor assumes it must be hungry and homeless, and takes it in as a pet themselves, not realizing it has an owner. This is doubly possible if you have any local neighbors who oppose free-roaming cats as they won't bother looking for who they deem to be an unsuitable owner.
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Its hard. Within a few months of us moving to our current home, DDs cat went missing. Its was a very hard time in our lives. We had just filed bankruptcy and lost our house. DD had moved in with my parents. The cat was old, and I really think she went off to die, but try explaining that to a 14 year old that was losing everything already. I looked up and down the road for days. Knocked on neighbors doors until they probably thought I was a stalker. Checked animal control daily. Nothing, not 1 little hair. To this day we wonder what ever happened to her.
Hang in there - I bet he will turn up. I've had several cats disapear for a few days, the reappear. One had been in a fight and came home with an infected bite wound, and one had obviously gotten stuck under something oily (he may have actually been hiding, as he never went outside and when he did suddenly bolt out now and then, he ran in terror to hide).
I know how you feel. Its been 6 days since I last saw BOB. He will stay gone for a day or so, but always returns. The longest he stayed gone was a week. When he came back he was hurt bad. Took him to the vet. I wish he would show up. I've had cats my whole life and I've been thru this many, many times. It gets easier, but it never goes away. The feeling of not knowing is the worst. Then I have such vivid dreams, that they all come back.

Its only been a few days for you. I hope kitty comes back to you.
I had a 4 yr old neutered Tom go missing for eight months, he didn't like my new room mate. He is 12 now. Cats, what can you say.
When I was 13, my big bruiser of a cat, a Siamese tom, Goliath, went missing for about a month. Then a neighbor spotted him high up on the crossbar of telephone poll in her backyard. He was sooo skinny and had lost his deep baritone voice from yowling. The fire brigade got him down and he was with us for 10 more years. He was a humbler kitty after that. It forever changed his nature.

When you are looking, don't forget to look *up*!
ive been out in the fields today searching, knocked on our " closest neighbours doors, searched barns, stables etc...no sign of him. i sure hope he comes back, he's my 7 year old sons cat and he's absolutly distraught over Tigroux being missing
the biggest threat is the hunters, if they see him stalking rabbits/phesants they will not hesitate to shoot him (we live out in the country so he could be miles away!!)

keep your fingers crossed for us that he comes back soon
My cat went missing on January 1st 2007. She ran out the door that night and the neighbors decided to do fireworks. Not sure if that had anything to do with it, but im guessing the noise scared her and she just ran and ran. I miss her. Hopefully, somebody found her and took her in.

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