Missing Chicken Found Under A Bucket and is VERY SICK. PLEASE HELP

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    One of my Banty hens has been missing for several days now and I just found her today trapped under a bucket. When I first found her she could still walk a little and ate quite a bit but she would not drink anything. Later this afternoon her health has gotten far worse and I noticed that she's covered in lice/ mites. She can't even stand now and she wont eat or drink. I tried making a little watery smoothie for her with banana and strawberry hoping this would perk her up, but I had to use a syringe to get any down her throat. When it went down, shed tense up and flail her head back so I stopped because I'm afraid that I'm going to drown her. I really have no idea what to do. She's inside in an isolated cage right now just laying face down in wood shavings...
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    It may be too late, but you really need to treat her for the life and mites. I would get some permethrin dust and dust her asap. It takes very little, but worked for me. Keep trying to get food down her, and good luck!
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    I'm glad you found her.

    Since she's been missing/trapped for several days - she' most likely dehydrated and possibly in shock. Since she ate when you found her, try to encourage her to drink or get liquids into her. If you have electrolytes or poultry vitamins that would be good. If you have syringes, you may want to syringe small amounts of fluid into her.

    As suggested lightly treat her for the lice/mites so she will be more comfortable.

    Keep us posted.

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