missing chicken-fox sighted-feathers?


Mad Scientist
14 Years
Jun 1, 2008
I am missing one of my wheaten ameraucana girls, I am so PO'd. I only had 2 wheaten and 2 blue wheaten. We saw a fox here 2 days in a row. Would he have left any evidence? My roo has been holding his wing a little funny so I don't know if he got in an altercation with him. I just thought he may have hurt it going after one of the other boys. I am hoping she is broody somewhere but I doubt it.....any way to deter the fox without shooting him? He is so pretty but I don't want to lose any more chickens. Of course one of my *extra* roos couldn't "disappear"
I would suspect the fox took her. They will carry chickens to a place they feel safe and then stert pilling the feathers out and eating, or take it to the den for the kits. Then they will come back for more. They hunt day and night.

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