Aug 24, 2018
Our 6 ducks live in a closed chicken wire 4 wall cage. It is facing a wall, and some sides are covered with plastic. They have a 2 story wood loft, and the bottom is enclosed with bricks. Another side is a short grapefruit tree. It covers the top and a significant portion of the aforementioned side. The top is fully covered with netting draped decently tight over wooden beams. There are flattened boxes and tarps on top as well as vines. There are 2 entrances, one is completely closed and the other is opened with wire hooks. The opening side is less impenetrable than the others. Near the top of the chicken wire are a couple of holes, although they are kind of small. The chicken wire is also not completely attached to the top.
When I went outside, I only saw five. I checked around the house lot and all over the neighborhood. It is suburban. It is around 10 pm. When my mom came home at about 7 pm, we heard the 2 drakes calling, but didn't consider anything because they always do that. When they were fed at 5 pm, all the ducks were there. On the side with the door, there are feathers in the dirt. There are also always there. There are a few downy short ones on the top part where they could have flown out, but they are once again, always there. I only noticed because I went outside. They were all quiet.
A possibility is she flew out the netting top. It is hard to bypass, but possible. She could have also flown out the flimsy side with the door. It doesn't seem to have been a predator, because we found bodies and neither did the neighbors who were still outside at 10 pm.
How do you guys think she escaped? Could it be a predator? Do ducks fly back? She has been raised in that coop since about 1 week old. The neighbors will probably eat her if they get a hold of her regardless of it being suburbia, however. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
Could it have been a 2 legged predator??? :idunno
From the way you describe your neighbors,,,,, everything is possible.
You do not include your location, in your profile, so no way for me to research if peeps there like the taste of ducks.
Secure the enclosure better so no possible way for duck to fly out on her own. Get a night time motion sensor, and camera. Call authorities if you see an intruder.
WISHING YOU BEST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS,,,,,, :(
It's a closed backyard with an alarm system right next to the kitchen. In Southern California. Lots of Mexicans and Vietnamese.
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Well it may have flown off do you have a lake or park with water near by hopefully it was able to make it to water and not on someone’s table.
The closest park is a mile away. Is that too far? I hope she didn't become Thanksgiving duck. It's been raining in California so she won't be coming back until it's dry if she does.
Mallards can fly. Your run doesn't look super secure. It's hard to tell, but it looks like there are areas where the ducks could possibly squeeze out or fly out the top where the tree is? If they can get out that way they could fly off.
How old are your ducks and how long have you had them?

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