Missing Eggs


5 Years
May 14, 2014
We've begun to allow our chickens to roam during the day and the last week or so we've been missing eggs. Only two or so will be in the boxes and we'll be missing three. I searched the yard, in the dark with a flashlight, and haven't come up with anything. Any ideas where they could be or what is happening to them? We're new to letting our chickens free range and have no idea!

Radioactive Egg

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5 Years
Oct 13, 2014
Perth, Western Australia
It could be possible that a crow/raven is stealing them and eating them. That's what happened to ours and we hardly ever found the cracked open eggs. What we did was we got fruit tree netting and pegged it over the coop.
It is also possible that your chooks don't know where to lay the eggs. They could have laid them in a spot you haven't found them yet. You can teach them to lay in the nesting box by placing a fake egg or ball in it to show them where.

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