MIssing Feathers on my chickens

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  1. Stormfly

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    Mar 22, 2016
    Hey all,
    thanks for all the good info. I have 6 birds (2 RIR, 2 Russians, 1 Barred Rock Hen and 1 BR Roo). The 2 RIR and the Russians are all missing feathers on their rumps above their tales. I thought it was molting but they all display the same pattern. One of the RIR actually has some broken feathers. This has been going on most of the winter. The only one who is not displaying this is the Barred Rock. The Rooster is pretty big and he seems pretty aggressive when doing his deed so now I'm wondering if it has something to do with him mounting the hens. Ill try posting pics tomorrow. They get to roam the yard, we feed them veggies and I crush up their egg shells and feed them back to them in their feed. I get the bag of feed from Costco (16 Crumble Layer feed). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Oct 26, 2015
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    sounds like they are bare backed from breeding.
  3. Stormfly

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    Mar 22, 2016
    That's what I was thinking. Any way to help that condition? Im thinking it is what it is and as long as theres no blood that other birds are pecking at its just normal. thanks for the reply
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    Apr 18, 2015

    My Buff Orpington hen is too dearly loved by my Buff O Roo. He is sweet, but pretty young and amorous. She has a red raw back, and some bare spots under her tail feathers. She is bald under her armpits. I have re-applied an "apron" but it just doesn't help. I have checked for mites in the whole flock and especially my "Pumpkin" (hen with bald spots).

    You might want to really investigate for mites and other little meanies, and perhaps think about separating the Roo from the hens if you cannot figure out the source. He might be the culprit because he had not lost hind feathers. By the way,I feed my hens high protein snacks (meal worms, sun flower seeds) to help them produce feathers. It is a good sign that they are laying. Because my "Pumpkin" is bare in the hind area, I think that when he mounts her, he uses his back legs for a good grip. The problem is that she has no feathers for protection. Do you think that this is the case with yours? My Pumpkin hasn't laid since the fall when this all began.

    Should I trim his claws? Some of the other (3) hens have slights bare butts under their feathers.I can only examine the barred rock and not the 2 Araucanas yet. Other than Pumpkin, they are all vigorously laying.

    She is so frightened and hides from the small flock and is scared of him. They free-range in the afternoon and she hides. Her bald spots are bright red, and any pin feathers she produces disappear fast. The redness is definitely a sign of inflammation, if not infection, so I need to figure out a plan for curing it. How about a 3 in one antibiotic cream that humans use?

    I think I will have to figure out away to isolate her. I'm just not sure how, yet. I have a somewhat large cage, and could put her in the garage and then the daytime pen. Any ideas?

    I really hate the bald chicken thing --I've seen it before but not so bad-- and I'm so sad for my hen because she is truly in pain. She screams when he mounts her. Yep, I'm isolating her tomorrow. I owe it to her, and really care for her.

    Please share any knowledge or thoughts. I hope that this has helped you with your balding hens in some way.


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