Missing feathers


8 Years
Jun 4, 2013
Belleville, IL
I have an EE who is low in the pecking order. She is missing some feathers on her head due to a rooster before I got her and then my top hen. The feathers are missing but no blood. Her skin is slick. :(. Will those feathers ever grow back? I have put some Vetermyacin on it. Should I treat it with antibiotic or anything?
When hens molt so they loose all their feathers? How long does it take for a molt cycle? Do they loose a few at a time or go naked? Is there a season for molting? Can you tell I am a new chicken momma? Lol
Great read. Thank you for sharing. My girls about about 20-24 weeks and I have not noticed anything extreme in the molting department. I am hoping they will lay before they molt!! I haven't gotten a single egg yet! And now with the decreased light from early sun downs... Not sure I will get eggs! :(

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