Missing hen found "Update babies hatching!!"


12 Years
Jan 18, 2008
Conway SC
I have a little mixed breed hen that actually belonged to my neighbor.He gave her to an elderly lady a couple of houses down from me after she had a dog destroy all her chickens.He lets his free range all the time and this little girl was pretty beat up due to being out numbered with roosters.Anyway my neighbor fell and broke her hip and couldn't go out to feed them anymore so she asked me if I would take her or give her back to my other neighbor which he said for me to keep her.So I put her in one of my pens and she has stayed there for over a year.I let mine out in the evenings when the days are longer and also on the weekends when I'm home.She always goes back in the coop at dark but a couple of months ago a rooster of my neighbor's decided the grass was greener at my house so he moved in and roost's the the tree's behind my coops and free ranges all day.Well this girl has decided she wants to be a free girl again so she roost's in the tree's with this rooster.lol She has been missing all of a sudden for a couple of weeks and I figured something got her but I found her yesterday under the shed in my Dad's boat setting on 12 egg's.He wasn't too happy about that.My parents live next door and you can't really tell where one yard starts compared to the other.I don't know an exact date but it shouldn't be much more than a week now til the blessed event happens.Stay tuned for more updates.

She has 3 babies hatched so far and at least one pip that I can see.Mama pecks too hard to have a longer look. lol Picture's coming shortly.
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