Missing Hen

Hensley Flock

Dec 7, 2018
Goliad, TX.
I have a rhode island red hen, Merida who is just about nine months old, and I’ve lost her!
I let the chickens free range during the day then do a head count at night before closing up the coop again and about two-to-three nights ago she went missing. My mother swears she hears her under the house, but I haven’t heard a thing?
The rooster, Phillip, went directly into the coop which is what worried me. He’s one to make sure ALL of the hens and guineas are safe and located before he heads in.
But besides that, I’m worried! She’s done this before, but it was just overnight and she showed up fine the next day; but this time no such luck. We do have a lot of chicken hawks out here, but we have a few big dogs (not sure if it’s enough protection at all). She’s one of my very first hens and I’m worried shes been killed.
If anyone has any ideas or insights about where she may have gone or if there is even a chance she’s alive please help xx

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