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Free Ranging
Mar 29, 2020
N. California
I just wanted to say that I had my first fresh chicken from my own flock, it just happen to be one of my rooster. And wow what a difference in texture, taste, and oil amount. There so much better than the store bought organic chickens in every way. I feel like I been missing out for most of my life of what chickens are suppose to taste like.

For people that haven't tried a really fresh chicken. I highly recommend it.
Sounds good. I do have an old hen who's stopped laying but I'm not sure the meat would taste great
Don’t try to fry or otherwise quick cook. A nice stewing is good. You could instant pot, then shred the meat for chicken tacos. Also a slow cooked chicken cacciatore is good for older birds. You won’t get as much meat from a layer, but it should be good.

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