Missing Peacock in NH - I don't know where else to post this!

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    Jul 2, 2008
    I am a longtime member too - but I can't seem to get into my account....

    We are in Kensington NH, on the coast, right near the MA border. Earlier this week, our juvenile male peacock was startled out of the pen at dusk, and went to roost in a tree.

    Our experience has been that they return in the AM, but come dawn he was no where to be found [​IMG]

    He has always lived with our chickens, and if he by some chance was not the midnight buffet for a coyote, I think he may have seen a flock and went to it.

    If you are in the area, and have a flock, could you please be on the lookout for him? He is not tame, and not very bright either - if you try to catch him he will not let you - unless you wait for dark.

    We would appreciate any info anyone may have on him, even if it is not good news.
    Please email us directly at meandcc at gmail.com


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