Missing pullet found in odd place.


11 Years
Oct 17, 2008
Northern Metro Atlanta, GA USA
This evening as I was shutting the kids up for the evening, I did as I always do, run a quick count to make sure everyone made it inside. I have two groups of young chickens, the first group is 11-week-old Australorps and Easter Eggers and the second is 8-week-old Speckled Sussex and Polish. There are five Polish. One was missing--one of the two WCBlacks I have. I looked all through the run and scanned outside the run - nothing. Went back in the coop, triple-checked in all the corners. Nothing.

Then as I was turning around and not looking at anything in particular, I noticed that there were feathers at an odd angle coming out from underneath one of my 11-week-old Australorp pullets. She was up on the high roost with all the older birds. I lifted her, much to her consternation, and yep - squashed flat underneath her and very disoriented but unharmed, was my missing WCB 8-week-old pullet.

I have no idea how THAT happened but I guess until all these birds are the same size I need to have hawkeyes at bedtime!


11 Years
Dec 29, 2008
Orange County, New York
My Polish also has a habbit of wanting to be on the top roost. She'll do whatever it takes to be up there with the bigger hens, even if it means having to withstand their vicious pecks. I'll try to move her down where it's safer-with the lower hens-but she will refuse and find her way up again. For such a fragile breed, they really are very tough.

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