missing rooster!

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by two j farm, Jun 11, 2016.

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    I got up this morning to find my dog out of her pen and one rooster missing.Will a dog eat the whole chicken? I did find a lot of feathers around the yard but no blood no wings no head no feet nothing just feathers. I have had a dog to get a chicken before but I found most of that chicken when it happen.
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    I don't think the dog would eat the whole chicken, but it could've buried or hid it somewhere. Sometimes chickens will hide after an attack which would explain the lack of the body and blood, so maybe he'll show up. Also, it might have been a hawk. The dog escaping at the same time does seem a little too coincidental though, so it was most likely her.
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    Some dogs will eat a killed chicken in its entirety or otherwise treat the carcass like a coyote or fox. Such dogs are in the minority. Female dogs with pups and those experienced with provisioning for a litter most likely to be the ones doing such.

    If your dog, then look in areas with high weeds and under things like stairs and porches. One of my dogs would even hide carcasses under water beneath a tree branch in pond and retrieve it later to consume it.

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