Missing Silkie!!!

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  1. I just got back in from wandering my property to find my 4 month old Blue Silkie, Neela. I can't find her anywhere!!! Her best buddy Keira (my 4 month old Black Silkie from the same breeder) was all snuggled up to the Barred Rock chicks when I went out to put all the girls in for the night, but Neela wasn't there . . .

    I just got Neela and Keira on Thursday and immediately fell in love. I feel so irresponsible! We let the chickens free-range in our small, privacy-fenced backyard almost all day when we're home, but they are often out of our sight. Its gone so well that I was lulled into a false sense of safety.

    I've got the sinking feeling that a hawk or eagle got her. There were no feathers or blood or parts *shudder* anywhere. The only other possibility is that she found a REALLY good hiding place in the yard and is being REALLY quiet . . . Is this something Silkies do? Would/could she wiggle through a gap in the fence? AAAARRRRGHHHHHH!

    Where's my baby? I am so sick to my stomach!!!
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    I'm so sorry! I hope she's somewhere safe and has a lesson learned.

    Update tomorrow at first light!! [​IMG]
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    Maybe she is roosting somewhere and you just wont find her until tomorrow when the sun is out. Hoping she appears soon for you!
  4. Quote:Quote:Oh, I SO hope this is the case!!!

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    im sorry im hoping she will turn up
  6. Whew! DBF came home from fishing around 3 am and found her!!! I guess he knows where she likes to hide and thats where she was. I am SO RELIEVED!!!
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    So glad she is safe. He better show you where she hides!! Oh, and you might want to make him a special breakfast [​IMG]
  8. Yes, he deserves my most heartfelt gratitude . . . He brought me a bunch of Halibut AND found my Silkie. I suppose I'll have to keep him around!
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    So glad your missing baby has turned up. Make sure your BF shows you her hiding spot, and if there are any gaps under your fence AT ALL, make sure you fix them, b/c silkies are very capable of getting through what appears to be an impossibly small opening. [​IMG]
  10. Thank Goodness! I'm so happy for you...where on earth was she hiding?[​IMG]
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