mistaken roo?


8 Years
Nov 9, 2011
hi guys, i'd just like to ask if there are any cases of mistaken roo in orders in hatcheries? i mean that you ordered male chicks but it turned out to be a pullet? are there any cases? thanks. replies are appreciated
Why did you get a pullet? I'm not sure that happens much but they will throw in 2 or 3 extra chicks in case some die on the way there and they will grab any breed any gender so they may have grabbed a pullet of the same breed but different gender. If you found a dead one that would make sense
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i always wanted a leghorn hen but i never had one.

here in our area, all the leghorn pullets are sent into the laying farms very early because egg industry is one of the most dominant industry here.
they sell leghorn females but with the minimum of 100 pcs. because most buyers are businessmen. now, after sexing, the males which are
considered 'useless' are sold very cheap instead of killing them. so here it comes, i plan to buy some males and im hoping that i will get
mistaken roos, that's it. do you think will i get 1 hen if i will buy 10 males? what d'ya think?
It may happen but I wouldn't plan on it.
I got some black leghorns from Sandhill as part of a package. 2 were roos and 1 a hen. She's a good hen.
I still have her and she actually went broody once and raised some penedesencas for me.
Here she is on the left.



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