misting systems and humidity

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    Looking for some advice or ideas. From what I can tell, and what I have read, if the area is a high humidity area misters do not really work. If the air is dry they work great. Ok, got that part. I live in an area where it isn't uncommon for the humidity to be 100% for several days at a time. Simply put, the air is like breathing a wet blanket. I have used the ice and such, but my chickens do not seem to be interested. I am getting ready to put a good layer of sand in the run, both for drainage and so I can wet it and have it be a bit cooler.

    If a misting system would give any relief, I will install one, I'm just not sure it would. Can anyone give me their experience if they live in a like climate?

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    Sep 14, 2007
    for the hen house ---- If the air feels like a blanket than you have too much humidity. Try a dehumidifier. and to help the cooling use a fan.. Make sure the house is well ventilated.
    I love sand floors, make sure the sand is the type for kids play boxes it will be the cleanest .

    In CA-- sacramento and surrounding areas, when the heat and humidity is up your yard needs to have plenty of shaded areas for the animals to rest in.
    I will ----heavily water the whole yard the nite before, I will not mow and let the grass grow 1-2 feet tall. I will let a hose open run- moving it around the yard during the day. ------I will hook up an 8ft length of mister out in the open and turn it on when the heat hits 80 degrees and it will run till nite time. If at any time my babies start to pant they are brought inside our home and penned. I hope this helps.

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