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    I had 14 chickens, over the last month we lost two, one had a gaping wound on her back end (i posted a while back about Big Mama she recovered) I believe it was from missing feathers and either she was picking at it and then the others probably joined in and she succumed to death. I am mad because we had Big Mama with the wound on her bum but we caught it in time to heal her and then put her out in the flock , unfortunately i didnt catch this wound and it killed this chicken. Then we found another chicken laying dead in the pen with no apparent injury so we are at a loss for this one. Right now all my chickens have bare bottoms and it is going onto some of there legs and around the sides and top of the tails. I am going to treat for mites hoping that this is the problem. I have DE - food grade and i sprinkled that in the coop and out in the pen, but what is the procedure for this , how often and how much. Can we eat the eggs that they produce while this is around? do you treat the chicken itself?

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    DE is not going to kill mites. You need to dust them and the coop and bedding with seven dust or use ivomec pour on. DE is at best, it seems, a preventative. You will need to dust again at 10 days or so to get any eggs that hatch. You should check for mites and even lice. You can see them on the birds, especially near the vent.
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    Mar 22, 2010
    where do you get seven dust from?
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    Walmart, the local agriculture store, home supply stores... just about anywhere.

    Good luck. Sorry for your losses.
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    Quote:When i click on that link it is a feeding guide for the chickens, i dont see it?

    Thank you CMV
  7. i am having the same problem with the "bare butt".
    my question is this - if it were mites, wouldn't ALL my chix have this "missing feather" problem? only about half of my 27 chix are missing the rear-end feathers, so i am assuming the upper-ranking chix are picking on the lower ranking chix, ( i have SEEN them picking at each others butt feathers - one poor girl is getting picked on so much she is losing feathers on her neck and head) but i have not gotten a magnifying glass out to look for mites. i've looked with the naked eye and didn't see anything, so i assumed it was just a pecking-order thing.
    however, it has gotten to the point where i noticed just yesterday that a couple of them are bleeding from scabs on thier bare butts, so i have to put a stop to it. figured i'd dust for mites just to be on the safe side.
    regarding the sevin dust, that is the same stuff you put in the garden? i thought that stuff was poison. it's o.k. to dust your birds with it?
    seems odd.
    and like ice queen said, the link seems to have nothing to do with sevin dust.
    any help would be great.

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