Mites and lice treatment and egg consumption


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Mar 3, 2011
Hi, I have scaley leg mites and possibly lice. I'm treating the leg mites with vegetable oil (I dip their legs in it) and will use either seven or permethrin to dust their bodies. My question is, can I eat the eggs during the seven/permethrin treatment or are they going to be toxic?

Thanks for your help.

Technically there's a 7 day withdrawal period after using sevin dust. We've used sevin dust since the 60's in our gardens, dogs etc.... I have eaten eggs after using sevin dust on my birds, still here typing. I've never used permethrin.
Does *not* treat lice that don't bite and is *not* an effective wormer according to this study:

Ivermectin as a bird anthelmintic--trials with naturally infected domestic fowl.

Oksanen A, Nikander S.

To evaluate the use of ivermectin as a bird anthelmintic, 29 White Leghorn hens naturally infected with Ascaridia spp., Heterakis spp. and Capillaria spp. were treated with 0.2, 2 or 6 mg/kg intramuscularly or 0.2 or 0.8 mg/kg orally. Faecal samples were collected before treatment and at autopsy, 2, 6, or 16 days after treatment, when the intestines were also examined for helminths. None of the treatments gave satisfactory anthelmintic results.

Get yourself some Safeguard or Vabazen.

What is ivermectin's primary purpose? How does it work?
I only use the ivermectin for one purpose and one purpose only. Its the only thing I've found to kill off an infestation of "micro mites" or depluming mites, they burrow into the feather shaft and are extremely small and often can not be seen with the naked eye so they are easy to miss on a regular check.

They are resistant to frontline(fipronil) and the topical treatments. To treat them you must use the ivermecten every 3 days for two weeks I believe. (I wrote this in an old post somewhere on one of my own threads, for exact doses and duration) I can't quite remember who posted that original info but I believe it may have been you.

So whenever I get new birds if a swab turns up sketchy I treat them and all the birds they were with, all new birds get one dose to be on the safe side and I watch them. I swab with a Q-tip soaked in CV-80 animal safe spray, I found the mites will get stuck on the Q-tip and you can determine mite or not mite under a strong magnifying glass.

I do not use ivermectin for other types of mites or de-worming. I use a goat wormer (safe-guard?) for de-worming which works well and frontline for other bugs which I have had great results with.
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Looks like it can treat both worms and mites/lice
I don't advise using it for those purposes. It doesn't work well in birds. There's only one thing I use it for that I found it to work well.

I did have great success with it in treating one specific type of mites that were resistant to fipronil (frontline). I call them "Micro mites" but they are depluming mites (finally remembered name lol). I have done it a few times now and had great success with the ivermectin for this purpose only and its a specific dose over a specific time frame as well, not just one and done, so that could make a difference too. They only live on the bird(s) not in beading like other mites.

I like Safe-Guard for wormer and my yearly frontline.

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