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    Thanks for all the info and input, y'all. :D

    Two things to add:

    *Has anyone ever burned the old/infested bedding? Seems like you'd be thoroughly disposing of the pests in the bedding AND creating yourself some wood ash to use at the same time. :D

    *In my experience/according to my knowledge of pests... It's totally normal and expected to have a few mites and lice around, and it's only if your bird's immune system is compromised that you'll see an drastic infestation. So if you find your birds severely weakened and ALSO covered in a parasite, treating the parasite infestation is very helpful (because that many parasites will weaken them further), but it's likely that the parasite is a secondary issue and it's actually something else like a virus, nutrient deficiency, or internal parasite infestation that caused them to be weakened enough to be overwhelmed in the first place.

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    I can't see anywhere what I posted as my intervention. I sprinkle LIME around my chicken coop and where my free range chickens hang out frequently. Just a light sprinkling. Do it once a week. I also sprinkle lime where my horses hang around to keep the flys down from the poop. I have not done this for a long time and my chickens are infested. Just started putting the lime back around and quickly notice good results. Have to treat the chickens legs directly though because it has gotten out of hand. Wanted to post again because this is cheap and it works for a lot of other things also = like odor.
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    On the subject of the eggs on feather shafts- as the feathers grow/get preened the eggs or casings will fall off or when the feathers fall out. As a newbie I jumped at FREE Jersey Giant chicks about 6 weeks old only to frantically research what looked like barnicles, rock solid in masses on the chicks when I got home! Sevin dust liberally for first treatment on chicks and all around the quarantine pen, 3 days later and again at 7 days. Then once a week for 3 weeks around the pen. Chicks had never had a dust bathing area before and didn't seem to know what to do. As a precaution I also put out a barrier of Sevin Dust around all other coops on my property. All signs of mites and eggs/casings were gone in no time and the chicks grew to be so beautiful-all females that payed me back with wonderful eggs!
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    To be effective against red mites you would need to burn the whole coop. Burning is non-productive because the red mite lives in the wooden cracks, crevices, and joints of the coop. The red mite mostly lives, hangs out, or for lack of a better word "Noons" in these places. But when the Sun goes down and your chickens go to roost the red mites swarms out and go to town sipping your chickens' life's blood.

    Once they have fed they take on a red color from all of the chicken blood that they have consumed. A good way to identify red mites from chiggers or other creepy crawlies is to crush one with your finger tip and see if the blood flows. These mites are also able to live for months without a chicken host to snack on. So in my opinion it is even more important to deny red mites a cozy place to hang out as it is to kill the ones attacking your chickens by dusting your birds. But remember, spraying or dusting it is not an either or proposition but a hand in hand strategy.
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    This is a good, informative thread. I had already been told these treatments for mites (sulfur, lime, wood ash, DE, permethrin, etc) by friends. Last year I had an ordeal with "seed ticks" on me! Talking about freaking out, I hate those things! Anyhow, since then I use Dawn dishwashing liquid all over when I get a shower and put a little in my shampoo. It works to kill ticks and I'm sure it would work to kill mites too. I saw a few mites the other day on some hatching eggs. I am going tomorrow to buy up my arsenal to get rid of them. Yep, it's war.
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    Which kind of lime do you use, caustic lime or sweet lime?
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    Just dust them down really well. No set amount. Just make sure they get a good bit on them.
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    DE is a powdered mineral and not at all toxic. Except when you breathe it in. It is tiny pieces of silica I think it is totally useless have never had it help with anything. Just another hippie froo froo fix that does not a thing. In my opinion. To kill mites you have to smother them, or poison them. I use sevin dust, because flies and butterflies also pollinate plants. Lol. And ants, any bug that touches one plant and then another is a pollinator. Bees are the best at the job, but they aren't the only ones out there doing it. Anyway de is not at all harmful so use as much as you want for whatever you want, but if you get no results you will then see why everyone says not to use it.
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    thats garden lime?
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    this is what i did. i am not an expert at all i am learning step by step but it has shown some results after 3 days already. hopes this helps and any feed back would be great! [​IMG]
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