Mites? On eggs under the hen.

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    Mar 23, 2011
    We had free range chickens, but built a movable house so they would stay out of the garden this year and on escaped and started sitting on a little nest of eggs. under our little boat. i feed her right by them and water her there to. so shes a happy Gal. and im okay with her hatching eggs (and they are deff fertilized i opened on up to check and it was a week or so ago). so today i check on them when she goes to eat and run around or wahtever and they had... i guess mite on them? They were little but deff on the eggs. and moving. the ones that were covered the most i took out, which now i feel bad, but they were pushed away from the other, and cold. and cracked them open and deff had the start of baby chicks. i just dont know what to do. we have had chickens for over 2 years and never delt with mites before.

    do i get rid of all the eggs? treat the mom? i just dont know. I would hate to take her eggs from her, but we dont need her to hatch eggs either (we just got a HUGE order of them a few weeks ago). just any input would be nice!

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