Mites or molt or overbreeding?


7 Years
Apr 29, 2014
Rigby, ID
This is my "Colombian Wyandotte". She looks nothing like a colimbian, however, ha ha. She's less than a year old. She has a bald spot on her crop. She's acting and laying completely normal. She's not acting any itchier than any of my other hens. I don't know if that black spot is dirt in her follicle or what. She was kept with twice as many roosters as hens, so the other hens I got have bare backs. She's the only one with a bald front, though. Any ideas?


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That is odd.. Is/was she broody? Have you checked her over for mites/skin irritations, etc?
I agree, it is odd for them to only lose feathers on the front. It does seem to be regrowing, there are a lot of pin feathers there. Have the other birds been picking on her at all?
I also have a hen with a bald crop, it was feather picking in my case. She's molting now so the feathers are growing back but she's been bald since spring. I would suggest putting some anti-pick spray on her. Those pin feathers are mighty tempting for feather pickers!

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