Mites or something else? Chick walking on hocks


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Apr 28, 2010
Millersburg, PA
I have a 10 week old Silkie/Brown leghorn mix that suddenly lose the use of one leg yesterday. I have her in the house because I thought she might have injured it. But when I was holding her, I started to feel some creepy crawlies on me like on my neck line area. I can't see anything on her but I can feel them on me. She is the only one in my flock that is having a problem walking. She is alert, active, eating and drinking well, she just lost the use of her leg. It seems mostly affected from the hock down. I didn't feel any obvious breaks or anything like that.
She was fine Friday morning and when I came home from work, she lost the use of her left leg. Her toes are folding close together. I am suspecting the right is either starting to become affected or she is walking on the hock on that leg because it is easier for her to get around that way.
I supplement my guys daily with polyvisol and they are still on chick starter with treats. Her scales look fine but I am going to look over the others to be sure.
Any ideas???
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Here are some pictures of her leg. Her Left leg is affected. he can bear weight on her right but I am thinking that it might be getting weak also.



Thank you! I will do that!
I was able to get her to walk up off of her hocks by wrapping her feet though!!!! I did see a moving dot on my hand but I have no idea if it was a mite or lice??? I am treating her with sevin now.

I know this is a bad pic but she is up off of her hocks!!!!

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im so glad to hear shes doing better.i never can tell what kind of bugs are so i treat when i see them.i hope she stays ok...
I dont know if your hen has been outside or not to pick up a splinter or something on the bottom of her foot...aka bumblefoot. Check the bottom of her feet for a round dark in color looking scab, if you see one, it's bumblefoot.
I did check her feet out for any type of injury and they look fine. I now believe it is mostly her feet that are the problem. Especially since she is able to bear weight better when I have them wrapped. Her toes are warm but not like hot like she would have an infection and she is getting good circulation in them. I am going to supplement her diet with additional protein and she has been getting vitamins daily prior to this happening.
I am going to cut out the scratch for a treat. Do you think she might have been filling up with that instead of her chick feed? She only had access to the scratch for maybe 2-3 weeks and did not have any prior to that. I also give them BOSS, yogurt, cottage cheese and moistened chick feed twice a day. The moistened chick feed started when my blind girl needed to get stronger and they love it and look for it everyday. I figured if it is good for them, why not???
Any other ideas??? I don't think this was an injury since it started with her left foot and now today her right foot is looking the same way. Any other deficiencies that might cause this? If so any other foods I should be giving her???

Thanks for your help! She really is a sweet little girl and has put up with me messing with her and wrapping her feet and not squawking once!
well i found out the hard way that to many treats are not good.i actually gave a few of mine vitamin deficiency from to much corn,but i dont sounds like your doing everything you can so i say keep it up and see what happens...

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