Ginger K

Dec 16, 2020
I have a problem that I believe is mites. I have treated my 33 birds with coconut oil infused with lavender. I t seems to be working, but I have a small red hen that has lost of her feathers on her head. Living in northwest Illinois the weather is starting to get cold and I'm worried that she will get frostbite on her bare head. Is there such a thing as some kind of cap that I could put on her to help keep her head warm. The coop is heated but she still goes outside! Thanks for any help or input.
Mites come out at night. When it’s dark and the hens have settled down, go to the coop with a flashlight and check under their feathers for the mites. If you have them, no amount of herbal remedies will help. You’ll need to get some permethrin spray. Herbs can be a great deterrent but once an infestation has occurred you need more aggressive chemicals.

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