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Or at least I think they are mites....

They are almost microscopic little critters that seem to really like to live in my laying mash.
I don't mean 1 or 2, I'm talking BILLIONS. I am NOT exaggerating this. BILLIONS!

I went to check my girls food because they are broody and don't eat too much anyway. and the whole bottom of the feeder was perfectly smooth. Usually it has holes and mounds where they were pecking at the food. This time it was flat all the way round. Very unusual.
I stuck my finger and made a dent and it filled itself back up again!.
I took a little sample to my microscope and sure enough MITES.

Again, they don't seem to like anywhere but the food???
1. How do I kill them without killing my two silkies?????!?!?!?!
2. Do you think they are on my girls??!?!?!
3. Will DE help???
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Mites live on and off the chicken. So you will need to dust everybody and everything with sevin dust 5%, repeat in 10 days. DE wont work to kill the mites, they need something stronger. DE works to prevent not to kill when there is an infestation. Mites are very nasty and hard to get rid of, as they live on and off the chickens.

If they are in the food, they are on your girls.

You may also need to bathe the girls with a dog flea shampoo.
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I had a mite problem and DE worked for me. Now, I did not have an "infestation" (in the food) and it slowly worked...more like deterred. It took about a month and now I can't find any.

At your point, I'd have to agree with previous poster...I hate using harsher chemicals though. Maybe try tossing the food, cleaning out all the bedding, scrubbing with hot water the nests etc. and dusting the hens with DE and see how it goes... good luck:(

**I know they're yucky and uncomfortable for your birds, but don't worry, everyone will be fine**
There are different kinds of mites. Some are the kind that feed on your chickens. Some are the kind that feed on vegetable matter. Some live in the soil. It's quite possible that you have the kind that like vegetable matter, if they are concentrated in the food.

I haven't had a problem with mite infestation in food, so I don't have any experience with treating this. I have heard of de being mixed in with stored grain, to prevent bugs. I would certainly try mixing a little de in with their food. Have you checked to see if you have a problem in your stored feed, too? Also, is the feeder outside? Could it have gotten damp? That might make it more attractive for mites. Maybe others will have more input for you.

It's always good to check for mites on the chickens from time to time. Now would be a good time to do this, just to make sure. I would also poke around in the litter and see if you have any there.

Edited to add: If you want to Google for more information about what I'm talking about, try "grain mites." I just did that, after I posted this and there's a lot of information on them.
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They don't act like they have anything and I don't see anything.
I figured if they were infested they would scratch and bite at themselves. They don't do that, just the normal walk, cluck, scratch, peck, poo.

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