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    We "processed" three chickens this morning (too many roosters). After letting them bleed out for a few hours, we were working on skinning them, and I saw what I thought were mites (about .75 cm long, flesh colored, with dark-colored abdomens). I thought we had mites, and I would have to take care of it, but later that afternoon, I had a chance to check two of my hens, and they did not have this parasite (that I could find). Would the fact that it was on just the roosters...??? Noooo.
    I figured just to be safe, I'd treat them. I was reading up on what to treat them with and came across a site for Ivomec/Eprinex - anyone ever heard of this?? Here is the site I found:
    have 23 chickens (now) with plenty of room for them, so overcrowding isn't an issue. Thanks much for any replies!!
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    Those sound like lice rather than mites. Mites look like specks (black or red) that move. <<shudder>>
    Look for lice around the vent, on the abdomen and under the wings. They will run for cover as soon as you move the feathers out of the way.
    Look for mites those places and especially around the neck. The mites that my silkies had looked like dirt but when I pulled some of the "dirt" off his neck feathers with my fingers and then looked at it closely, I could see all the little specks moving. Gross.

    I dont recommend the Ivermec/Eprinex. Even though I have used the Ivermec injectable for a "mite emergency" in the past, I have recently changed my mind on this off-label use, and I would not do it again. There is no safety information regarding the withdrawal period for eating the eggs or meat of poultry that has been treated with it. I recommend using products that are specifically designed for poultry and following the directions carefully.

    There is a product made for poultry called Ectoban powder for dusting them. There is also a spray made for poultry but I dont remember the name of it. I'll look outside tomorrow and see if I can find it.
    Also, look in the garden section. There is another insecticide dust that says on the package that it is for Veggie gardens and poultry.

    As a preventative, many folks put D.E.(diatomaceous earth) in the dust bath, nest boxes, bedding, etc. Be sure to only buy FOOD GRADE d.e.

    An old timers method is to use wood ash to dust the chickens.

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