Mixed age ducks


6 Years
Jan 7, 2014
I have 1 younger duckling (a few days old) and one older duckling (a few weeks old), theyre lonely alone and seem to want to be together is it ok to mix them? I tried introducing them and the older one repeatedly nibbled at the younger ones face and body, after a while the younger one tried to get away but the older was persistant. I'm worried to but them together permanently in case the older duckling hurts the younger one
Only put them together while closely monitored. Big birds pick on smaller birds. Poultry social structure can be cruel.
Any way you can house them together put something up to divide them so they can see each other ? but i agree with the other person you need to closely watch them when they are together. Make a little mud puddle and let them dig together. I just introduced my 4 week old ducks to my 8 week old ducks and it went well but one of my older ducks can be a little pushy so supervising is important . Soon enough they will be the same size. I will share a pic of them together
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Hello, I replied to your other thread also.
Leave them together...It looks bad to you, but they are developing rank in the flock. It will work out quicker if you do not interfere in the normal Duck behaviour.....I promise they will be fine.
Thanks for the replies, i put them in separate cages but so they could see each other at first, but they were still trying to get to each other so today I left them together and the nibbling has settled down and they seem to have bonded although the older one does peck at the younger one when they're eating or drinking at the same time- is that about dominance? I'm going to leave them over night and see if they're still happy. However, before I put them back together the older duckling wasn't under any heat and the younger one was, now they both are. Is it ok for the older one to be left with heat for longer than normal? Or will he get too hot?
Yeah the older duck has stopped pecking at the younger while eating now as well. The only time he does is when I hold them both. Doesn't the younger duck still need heat? I thought they were supposed to have it for 2 weeks?
Yes, if you have a/c on in the house, your teeny one will need some extra warmth, but if it is warm summer where you are, as it is here, then the 80 degree temps should be fine for him. Especially if they are snuggling together. Just watch to see if he is trying to get super super close.... he may be trying to get warmer.

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