Mixed Bantam roo healthy, then dead

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    Jan 28, 2009
    I had a little roo (mille fleur x oeg bantam) who I have saved several times...the first time when he was about 2 days old when he got left behind in the yard and got chilled. His mama would not take him back, so I raised him in the farm sink in my laundry room. He survived that and several other ordeals, to grow into a very beautiful, very cocky little guy.

    He was a picture of health when I left to go on vacation for 4 days, and just before i left I was thinking about how gorgeous he was going to be when those shiny green black tail feathers finished growing. My husband stayed home to work and take care of the farm, and said he never noticed any strange behavior or anything. When I got home, I noticed he was lethargic and his normally very bright red comb was blue-ish and flopped over on his head. I put him in a pen by himself, watched him eat, drink, poop, all normal, but he just got more and more down. Last night he was alive but could not move and seemed pretty stiff. This morning he was dead.

    My husband thinks his dam left him as a chick because she knew he would not make it, but this was a really nice looking little guy, and he was as spry and noisy and cocky as he could possibly be, and he would have been a year old this Fall. I had another roo do this same thing (except the dying part) earlier this year, and just thought it was the heat...we live in Ga and it has been a HOT summer. I did the same thing with him, and he recovered fully in a few days. The two roosters were not related, by the way. The other chickens that were with this bantam are all fine. Any ideas? I had my flock checked for worms a few weeks ago, and my chickens are all either free range or in day range pens. I am totally perplexed, and even though I like to think I'm all tough, this was a special little rooster to me, and I am completely heartbroken. But more than that, I want to prevent this in the future. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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