Mixed Breed Mating


Dec 13, 2017
Mass Hilltowns
Trying to figure out who's leaving. The ducks keep making it complicated!

I have a mature Welsh Harlequin and Blue Swedish hens.
Approaching maturity are 2 male and 2 female (we think) Anconas.
Teen duckers appear to be 2 and 2 as well, Welsh Harlequin (supposed, not convinced one is a pure WH.)

Lady Blue has got it hard for one of the Ancona boys. He's desperately trying to learn this mating business with her. I think I've only seen her flirting and interacting with one, not both? Unsure still.
Petals the WH doesn't seem to have any interest in any males (her original paired drake was taken a few months ago.)

Neither hen will lay. I think Petals is still recovering from molt, but I'm wondering if Blue was given to me because she's egg defective?

Blue is much closer in size to the Anconas, who I hope are now full grown.
Petals however, could be swallowed by an Ancona.

Which set of boys should leave?
Could a new mate convince a hen to resume laying?
Will my big Ancona boys hurt my little WH hens? Or would the little WH boys never be successful with the bigger hens?
I agree that size is important. My smallest hen looks terrible compared to the other hens due to the drake mating her. If you have a well mannered drake that is relatively close in size to all your girls, he would be a good choice to keep. The ladies will all flock together and bond to whichever drake you choose.

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