Mixed Breed Roo?


Small goats & big chickens + 1 old horse
Aug 20, 2019
SE Louisiana
I don't know what breed this guy is. He's tall & beautiful but has no butt, no beard....but hairy legs and lush feathering. Tossed in the box when I bought the last 7 chicks the feed store had that day. frontroo.jpg roo2.jpg roo3.jpg roo4.jpg roo5.jpg roo6.jpg
I will have to look up "Golden Laced Cochin", I am not familiar with that breed.
So far he's a good guy, he's learning to take care of his flock and has just started calling them to food instead of running in and sneaking off with it. He's fairly people shy which I prefer in a roo. When I do handle him he quiets down quickly and doesn't fight. He does roost on the rooftop of the coop, by himself which is a bit odd. Everyone else goes inside.

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