Mixed duck eggs! Help!

Vero Duckmom

May 25, 2020
Hi, just discovered this site. Thanks!
31 days ago I found a solitary wood duck egg in the grass, saved it, bought a small incubator and have tried to do everything right, and did see duck moving when candled up to about Day 24. Last week I rescued six eggs from two nests that had been toppled in my pond. I cleaned out wet bedding and returned most eggs, except two to keep my orphan company, and four that were under water for about 15 minutes. I don’t know the ages of the eggs from the two nests but guess they are a week behind the orphan. (The duck moms were upset but did return to the nests, despite the egg mixup).They all were viable when I candled them. One even peeped.
I delayed the lockdown for the orphan for a couple days, but it is now day 32 and the orphan isn’t doing anything but he passed the float test two days ago.
I’m hoping the slightly lower temp and higher humidity won’t hurt the others.
This is all new to me!!! Any advice will be much appreciated!!


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If I am understanding the post correctly, The temperature was lowered to delay the hatch?

If so that is not a good thing to do. It is better to keep the temperature set correctly.

Higher humidity during hatch will not hurt the eggs set to hatch later.

I hope you get them to hatch!

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