Mixed flock feeding


Sep 16, 2015
I currently have a mixed flock of runner ducklings, hens and chicks. The chicks have a medicated feed and the feed is separated from everyone else (baby gate that is only high enough for the chicks to get to the feed), there's layer feed in the coop where the ducks don't go and mixed flock feed in the duck feeder. The general plan was to keep it this way until I run out of layer feed and the chick are part of the flock full time. But the chickens are scarfing the mixed flock feed.

Here's my question: I'm going through the mixed flock feed much faster than the layer feed. Can I save the layer feed until the ducks start laying and just mix it in until I run out? Or is it bad to feed the ducks layer feed? I realize I'm making this complicated but I'd hate to have to waste the feed I already have.
I think it's fair to not want to waste feed.

Generally, layer feed is only for laying birds. But since ducks develop pretty rapidly, perhaps you can put the layer feed into sealed buckets in a cool dark place.

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