Mixed Flock Starting to Lay...Feeding Advice?

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by Ibicella, Dec 8, 2014.

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    So I have a mixed flock of 6 Red Ranger hens (meat birds) that are all transitioning from pullet to hen, 2 DP (a SLW and a PR) that are not, and 3 Cayuga ducks.

    No roosters.

    All were born on 7/7/14, so all of them are same age of 22 Weeks old.

    I have been feeding them Nutrena All Flock Grower at 18% protein. They spend from sun up to sun down freeranging in my backyard.

    The meat birds being meat birds are all full grown over my Wyandotte and Rock, and I just got my first egg from one of the Red Ranger ladies! :D She's been doing The Squat (mating position) for me for the last couple of weeks, and we got our first egg on Saturday! [​IMG][​IMG]
    [​IMG]She's laying beautiful, perfect little brown eggs. I'm so proud of her. ^_^

    Anyway, the other Rangers are moving into maturity now and I'm getting surrounded by horny hens as 4 of the 6 are now figuring out their new "adult" feelings and instincts. [​IMG] Their combs are reddening and growing bigger, and they are starting to do The Squat for me, and the ducks (1 drake, 2 hens) are now practicing mating.

    So, my feeding question: I'm still working through their last batch of Grower and they all eat the same thing so I just dump their feed and go. Is it OK to start buying Layer feed and Oyster shell now? Can I just set it out? Or do you guys recommend I figure out some seperate feeding schedules for either my DP's or my ducks?
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    *I* would not bother with layer ration - I would feed all-flock and offer the oyster shell on the side. The oyster shell being available makes the added calcium content of layer ration unnecessary.
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