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  1. Right now, I have 13 full size birds, including 3 barred rocks that are more aggressive to the others. I also have at least one big BO that may have to leave because she continues to pluck, even with peepers. Another one may be going, too, unless she starts laying eggs again.

    I am thinking about getting some bantams, but would only get about 4. I know you can have mixed flocks, but is this going to be easy to integrate bantams into an established flock with that few?

    I assume someone has btdt and I would love to get your two cents!

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    My flock of 36 ranges from Orpington hybrids to tiny phoenixes and they all get along just fine. I think the key is to have more than enough space for everyone. They say a few square feet per hen/quadruple that, at least. If you have a small coop/ yard. I wouldn't even try it. Chickens are more territorial than cats. If you wouldn't put strange cats in the space that you have, don't add more chickens.
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    [​IMG]Ella hit the nail on the head.
  4. Ya, we have abundant space. [​IMG] (and if/when we need more, we can always build.....) Space wasn't the concern as much as ratio of bigs to littles. Introducing new chicks to the flock would be cause for caution until everyone was totally integrated, but we wondered about just having a few banatams which would be at the bottom of the pecking order to begin with. I've heard about batam roos not having a problem, but we're looking at just females. My worry would be that they would get picked on and then hurt, and with only a few, it's not like they would have their own little group.

    We've even thought about just making another little coop and run for the bantams, but they are still out more than they are in so we'd still have to think about the integration. And, fewer birds in another coop could mean more issues at night in the cold because there are fewer for heat..... (see how my mind works? LOL)

    Now, in a perfect world, I'd just get 10+ bantams and call it good. Hunny hasn't quite caught up with my chicken math, though. [​IMG]

    PS- I think we're done with cats. They are just too barfy and moody. Give me chickens any day! [​IMG]

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