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Mar 24, 2011
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Right now i have a Embden hen and getting a gander as well. Ive ordered a trio of Pilgrims and am hatching some Africans lol My plan is to keep all the species in a larger grazing area together but am wondering if i will have any problems. I dont know if they will try to cross breed each other as they will all look pretty different when fully grown and how there temperament might be toward each other. If anyone has any past experience in dealing with any issues a mixed flock like this might incur, please share as i dont want to make any mistakes lol. Thank You


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Mar 12, 2013
Blue Mountain, Nova Scotia, Canada
You tripped...ya started with a couple and wham... Interesting addition. I have a mixed flock as well here. I have embden, pilgrim, chinese , toulouse...ducks as well as chickens... All my geese get along OK no deaths in all my years but a few nasty calls come breeding season...NOW matter fact. If there are too many males in a pack I find then I get a few issues with the different breeds.

Yes I as well have many successful batches of crossbred goslings as well. Pilgrim female, Chinese male. Pilgrim female with Embden. Coloring pretty much stays in tact with the exception of black patches under the wings and or lower chest. Still beautiful birds. I can never keep them around because of people wanting to buy them for their ponds, etc. I have very specific rules when I sell my geese. No meals and there must be an ample water supply. Least of all a kids pool.

Sure enjoy your mix. Just be very careful of the young with the old. Any signs of danger from males it would be best to let the yungins grow bigger. Keep your females up...Minimal 2 female to 1 male... Enjoy and have fun.... Steve

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