Mixed girls....any guesses?

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8 Years
Aug 6, 2011
New Mexico
Direct form "Someguys Backyard" - May I present Shadow and Momma!

They are thought to be somewhere around 10 weeks old. I'm guessing pullets.... Both are fully feathered, no remaining signs of teenagehood.....
Thanks in advance for any insight. Whatever they are - I'm already totally taken by them
-not really hoping for or wanting them to be anything in particular...just good breakfast makers (I've already promised my daughter that our bantam chickens would make little eggs that are just right sized for little girls to hard boil and eat).

First - Momma:


When she's not scared to bits by me grabbing her - her tail goes almost straight up. I'm guesing she's a bit older than 10 weeks...slightly bigger than my 10 wk Silkies just slightly and quite submissive.

Next - Shadow:


The one next to Shadow is my 5 week old EE. Shadow is so named because, she is all black except for her throat - which is gold flecked - and her tail is totally vertical. She looks like a perfect chicken silouhette (sp?). I put in the comparison pic. because she is soooo teeny! She has a bit of a "cotton puff" on her head, but just a bit. (I'm pretty sure she's a Golden Laced Goober!). She marched up to the Silkies and when Joe ( I'm pretty sure he's a roo) marched up and pecked her - she just got still, no backing away and no pecking back either. When Joe seemed satisfied with himself, she went about her business.....

BTW - totally uneventful integration - yay!

Sorry about the sucky pics - working with a phone camera .......will hopefully update with better ones soon.
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Thanks nurse_turtle! Any guesses as to which breed(s)? I'm guessing maybe Polish crosses because of Shadow's poof and the spikies on Mamma.......
I really need to get better pics - huh?

This is the girls under the coop - on top of the bunny house. Ya - I'll keep trying.....


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