Mixes of Dominique, Delaware, & Welsummer


6 Years
Sep 17, 2013
My broody Delaware hatched out 9 eggs last week. 3 eggs were from Welsummer hens. I'm pretty sure the other 6 were from Dominique hens, but there's a tiny remote possibility that the Delaware hen had an egg in there. (I only have one Delaware hen & she started trying to brood a few days before I let her keep a clutch of eggs, so I don't think she was laying those days but can't say 100%. From the looks of the chicks, I'd say 6 are Dominiques, one is a Dominique father/Welsummer mother (the all black one) and the two light ones are Delaware father/Welsummer mother. These are just my guesses, I have no prior experience. If anyone can help identify them I'd appreciate it!
I agree wit the light ones because well summer babies have the chipmunk marks as babies a least all the one I hatch did the black ones look to be sexlink I may be worng

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