Mixing 16 week pullet with 7 week chicks


10 Years
May 26, 2009
Zephyrhills, FL
Ok so I released my 13 chicks that are 7 weeks old into the coop about a week ago. I got rid of my whole mature flock before I got them. But I had a 16 week RIR pullet that I kept. The 16 week old pecks the chicks on top of the head. What should I do? Right now the 16 week old is in a small pin within the coop, but I feel bad that she cannot run around with all the bitties. The bitties are: 2 RIR, 4 BO, 1 cuckoo maran, 1 BR, 2 EE, 2 wellsummers, and Hank my new welsummer cockeral. Let my know what your opinion is.
She will peck them no matter what you do for the next couple days or longer.Watch them closely with her and if she's drawing blood remove them! I just lost an EE pullet when I put our 4 week olds in with our 9 week olds.I did it in the evening thinking they would be melowed out by then and ready to sleep but nope.Only a couple hours out there and I went to check on them and one was pecked so bad her left wing bone was exsposed.I lost her the next day even with the attempts to doctor her up and had her inside.It happens but sad.Good luck!

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