Mixing age groups


7 Years
Oct 18, 2012
I would like to effeciently use my brooder space, of course, and I'm curious where most draw the line on mixing different ages. Would 5 day old coturnix be okay to put with day olds? Specifically 50 of each :)
You can mix babies in with 2 week olds. Anytime after 2 weeks old, they have already started to establish pecking orders and would begin to get difficult. So you are still good to go. :)
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Oh...and you will need to delay the temp reduction for the 5 day olds and treat them as if they were day olds. Lower the heat by 5 degrees each week according to the day olds. :)
Right on! That's great news cause I've started setting eggs every 5 days and haven't quite figured out their housing situation yet
If your area is large enough. I have a fabric green house. I put in a wire dog cage with food and water and nesting material. The older birds cannot fit thru the bars but the littles can. I am speaking 2 week olds and 5 week olds. 50 to 100 of them. I put the littles in the cage and if they are brave enough to wander out they can quickly duck back in. By the time they can no longer fit thru they have integrated.
A peck or two. Last winter before the cage idea my colony murdered an8 week old newcomer. It was not pretty. The colony has since been sold to a gundogger. I wont tolerate that.

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