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Apr 9, 2013
Hi, Yesterday we just got three new chickens, all different breeds and sizes. (One black rock hen, one millefleur pekin bantam and one white laced wyandotte bantam)

In the passed we've mixed a larger chicken with two hybrid bantams and they all got on well perfectly fine, but this morning i've noticed the wyandotte bantam keeps chasing the smaller pekin, and sometimes pecks at her (but not severly).

I know it's normal for chickens to sort out the pecking order in the first few days together but i was wondering is it ok for the pekin? She's very small and is quite docile and friendly, where as the wyandotte is more energetic but still shy.

I was however happy to find that the black rock chicken is incredibly friendly and very much accepts the two smaller hens.

I am also a little concerned that the pekin has sat behind a small old sink we have in their pen, to almost hide from the other bantam, she has sat there all day so far and when she came out a while ago the wyandotte went for her again.

Not sure if i could do anything to help or not but would appreciate any advice, thank you


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Apr 16, 2013
This is typical when they are still working out their pecking order, and its likely your pekin is low bird on the totem pole. You could separate her, however I personally think they will work it out eventually. Its important to keep in mind that they may be guarding food or water sources, adding multiple feeders and waterers may be important to give her a chance to eat and drink.


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Removing the one low on the totem pole won't solve the problem but only make it worse when she's reunited. One must remove the bully to both give the low one a chance to recover but more importantly to knock the bully down a few notches for a while.

I've had birds cower for days until I discovered them and I surmised they could have possibly become dehydrated or starved had I not intervened.

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