Mixing Broilers and Layer chicks of slightly different ages


12 Years
May 22, 2007
St. Johns, Michigan
Last year, I raised my layers along with my broilers, and it seemed to work ok, even though the broilers got bigger much more quickly.

This year, most of the hatcheries sold out of the layers that I wanted, but I found a local feed store that has some. My broilers aren't scheduled to arrive for 2 more weeks, but I'm considering picking up the layer chicks either this week, or next week. Would a 2-week difference be too much? I think 1 week would be ok, but I'm not sure about 2.

Given the drastically different growth rates, it seems like they might mix ok, but I'm always afraid to put babies together with anyone.
Thanks! My RIR just died this week in an accident that was mostly my fault, and now I feel horrible. I'm trying to figure out if I'm letting my emotions get the best of me, or if I really want to get layer chicks right now, or wait until my next batch, in July. Keeping everyone separate might start to become a serious problem of logistics for me.

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