Mixing chicks - how to?

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Feb 26, 2015
Southwest Ohio
Hmmmm.....That sounded like a weird subject title, didn't it?
The question is ....I have 6 Wyandotte chicks that are a month old and doing well. And of course we'd like MORE. I would like to add a couple Buff Orps and a couple Barred Rocks - and if I can get them about the same age, what do I have to do to introduce them peacefully to one another? (I hope...) Our little gals are happily in their coop but we don't have the run completed (hopefully this week) so they aren't outdoors yet, for what that's worth. Suggestions from you folks that have done this before? Thanks!
I'm not sure at that age if any problem would exist. You could have a wire mesh divider of some sort and put them next to each other for a bit and see how they react.

Last year we had 3 10 week old chicks and then two weeks later got another pullet from a different person. We just set her down with them and she did get pecked on a bit by our "alpha" hen, but it all worked out. She wasn't totally mean, just letting Ginger know that she was boss! Sadly, they are the only two we have left. Both SL Wyandottes have passed on :( One from wry neck and one just yesterday, not sure what happened with her.

We have three EE chicks that are 6.5 weeks old now and we have them in a doggie playpen outside so they all get used to each other. I'm waiting until they are 8 weeks old to set them free with the big girls. I will supervise that of course!
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At that age I'd just put them all in together. When they're babies integration doesn't have to be a big deal. Just be sure there's enough space for everyone and maybe some hiding places just in case.

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