Mixing chicks with hens help


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Jan 2, 2014
Byron Center, MI
I have 15, seven week old chicks that I'd like to add to my 2 silkies and 2 Road Island reds, which are 3 years old. They have had chicken wire separate them for 4 weeks now and I think they'll do fine but I don't know how to handle the food. The chicks shouldn't eat the egg laying food, and the hens shouldn't eat the medicated start and grow food. How do people handle this? Or do they keep them separated until the chicks can eat the layer food? Or am I crazy to try to mix them now?
Try and find an unmedicated starter and you can give everyone that with oyster shell grit offered separately. Your layers will eat what they need of the grit. As you are in the US you could get 'flock raiser' food that chicks and adults can eat, again with the oyster shell on the side for the layers. Just keep an eye on your bigger birds when you do mix them as your chicks are still quite small. Good luck.

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