Mixing different age chicks in same brooder?


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Aug 15, 2008
Salt Lake City
Bought three straight run chicks (1 week old I think) this weekend but want to add three sexed this week to increase my chance of having more layers. (Roosters can't stay.) Can I add another three to the same brooder if they're a week or so apart?
Have an emergency brooder JIC. I had 4 week olds when i introduced a almost 1 week old silkie and the sebright that is ABVIOUSLY a roo was a real butt. The others were fine with her. I ended up putting the silkie and a japanese in a small brooder so she wouldn't get hurt. Now the older ones are outside except for the silkies little buddy. I don't think you will have that big of a problem, but you might need to be prepared.

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