Mixing Doves?


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Aug 8, 2008
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Hi All,

I've been thinking of getting a pair of Diamond doves to keep with my other Ringneck Doves. Would you think both species would coexist and get along? I just wanted to ask before I went and bought them from a breeder. They sure do look like interesting birds to keep. I've always wanted to get a few. I thought since their both doves they would be ok, but wanted to get everyone's opinion first.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!!
Thank You
I would think they should be fine as long as they have enough room to house them. I once had mourning doves in with my ring necks and they did fine. Not sure if it's of any help as I am no expert but it's my opinion. Perhaps others with more experience can give you their opinion. good luck!
Thank you for replying vtguania!,
I know mourning doves are quite wild so if they get along with the calmer ringneck doves, maybe the diamond doves will be alright.
we took in some diamond doves a lady couldnt keep
they went in our aviary with our ringnecks and we had no problems with pecking/bullying
but the diamond doves are fast and will not tame very well if they have lots of room

they also never nested in our big aviary with all sorts of nesting options. the lady we got them from had them in a much smaller cage setup
and they bred like crazy

if your ringnecks are in a smaller cage and are breeding they may get a little broody with the smaller diamond doves getting near the nest. diamond doves dont seem to have any idea what personal space means
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My ringneck Lucy did not appreciate the company of my first two diamond doves. She chased them around the cage. Lucy is the "Queen" of her own cage: no roommates. :p
Thanks Guys!

I have part of my dove aviary that's separated with no doves in there. I'm thinking of putting the Diamond doves in there by themselves, they'll still be able to see the other Ringneck doves but the aviary is divided. I would like the Diamond doves to breed well, Maybe the best chance for them breeding would be if they have their own space. I could always move a ringneck dove in with the Diamond doves after their acclimated later on in the future. And yes my other Ringnecks are making nests and I bet they wouldn't allow a diamond dove being so small in the small aviary with them, since their breeding now.

Thank You Again!
It's a good idea to put them in that separate section, at least at first. That way all the doves can see each other and get used to each other before introducing them into one cage (if you plan to do so). Make sure there are more perches and nest boxes than there are birds and you shouldn't have a problem. Most of the fighting comes from defending their territory (their perch, or more importantly their nest box(es)). Or a little bickering over food, which if they have access to it all the time, no one should be left out. I have had a mourning dove in with my ringnecks with no problem as well as a pair of diamonds in with the ringnecks with no problem. But every dove is different and some may be more territorial than others. So if you decide to put them all together, just keep an eye on them at first to see if anything gets started.

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