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    Mar 19, 2008
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    I have a feed mill about 15 miles away that mixes feed. My question is what do I need to have mixed for a good laying mash?
  2. I would get some soybeans, oats, cracked corn, wheat, and laying pellets.
  3. I have great success with:

    325# Ground corn
    185# Bean meal
    20# Akey layer 75 (Or whatever layer concentrate they use)

    Comes out at 21% protein & can be used for chicks, layers (With free choice oyster shell), roos & ducklings. A little alfalfa meal makes a nice addition without lowering protein levels also.
    Check out "Lionsgate feed recipes" on Google if you want complicated recipes.
  4. Buschie's dozen

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    Jun 28, 2010
    end mix 1300 lbs
    cracked/full corn--17 bu.....
    soybean meal---5 bu
    2 pkt vital---
    3 bags grit one small one medium one large stone
    one bag oyster shell

    saves money---egg production awesome-healthy chickens and chicks---

    its been that way since my grandma

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