mixing gamebird and layer feed?

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    I have a small flock of young ladies (6 weeks to 4 months- all still on chick starter-I will feed that until it runs out) and I keep seeing posts about the animal vs. soy protein in the feeds. I like the idea of real animal protein over the soy. My flock is purely for laying/pets and I was wondering if a mix of the two (most likely purina brands-as it's what I have access to) would give them a better rounded feed? It may be total overkill...but I just want nice healthy gals [​IMG]

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    You can feed just gamebird feed if the protein level in it isn't excessive, there are some with rather high protein levels but most are 20-25%, or you can mix them. Just depends how much you want to spend and how much effort you want to go through. Do make sure if you are giving anything but straight layer feed that you provide oyster shell because there aren't really any other feeds that will have the same level of calcium.
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    I feed Purina Flock Raiser, 20% protein, and leave out oyster shell and grit. I supplement with a little cat food once and a while, once every two weeks or so, and bugs, and yoghurt. My understanding is that animal feed, in particular farms animals like chickens, no longer have meat products in them because of mad cow. This may not be true of game bird or not. They seem to do well on the Flock Raiser, which is soy protein. At six months old, they're happy and healthy and two are laying and two more are getting ready to. The other two are of breeds that don't lay until later.

    I live in Colorado and the bugs are pretty much gone for the season but aren't there still some around in Georgia? Worms, crickets, slugs and the rest provide wonderful high protein snacks.

    If all else fails you could give them a little ground beef.

    Just read another post and game bird does have animal protein.
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    I have both ducks and chickens....and I finally just decided to get duck feed and have oyster shells out free choice. Works great, I get tons of eggs....good healthy chickens. Oh they free range too which helps.

    edited to add: I'm a firm believer that too much soy protein lowers egg production....so anything that lowers the amount of soy is good. A little is OK...I just think that when it's the major source of protein, then it's too much.. As any old time farmer....they all noticed a lowering of egg production once they coun't get meat protein feed anymore.

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