Mixing groups


Crossing the Road
Jun 27, 2021
I have 2 new groups of chicks, one hatched 6/10 at a local breeder, and a group I hatched 6/18. I want to mix both groups, because I have 2 more orders arriving by mail hopefully Thurs. Do you think the new babies I hatched can move into the big brooder with the week+ olds so I can keep an eye on the two mail order groups when they arrive?

After a few days once I know all shipped are thriving, do you think it would be ok to put them in their future flock groupings? (They are for 3 people, but the chicks we wanted weren’t all at one place so we combined a few orders to split.) I want to do it as soon as possible but don’t want to stick a weak chick I want to watch into a brooder immediately with a 2 week old chick.

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