Mixing new chicks with rest of flock???

Pump Hill Peeps

9 Years
Aug 3, 2010
Jordan, NY
How do you go about introducing 6-4 week old black sex links with 9-1 year old golden comets? they are getting to big for there crate they are in and we don't know if we should whip up a bigger temporary pen or just put them in with the rest. What about food too? they are on starter,
of course, how do you get them to eat that and the others not to?
Most folks place the young ones where they and the flock can see and hear one another, but cannot touch, for a week before integrating. Then folks usually switch to an all-purpose flock ration and provide oyster shell ad lib for added calcium. If your birds are in a run you might still see a few bouts of old hens asserting their superiority on the young but they shouldn't show any signs of injury and it all settles down pretty quickly. Then the youngsters learn so much from the oldsters that they will be like old flock mates soon.

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