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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by bwilson, Oct 7, 2011.

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    Sep 28, 2011
    Have a problem, not sure if this normal or not....maybe pecking order, I am not sure.
    we bought 8 hens in July, 4 turned out to be roosters. Got rid of the roosters except one and bought 2 hens that are 5-6 months old. The other hens will not leave these two newbies alone. They are constantly harrassed by the other hens by pecking on them, etc. The new hens run away from them.....my question is: Is this normal or should I be concerned. We have 2 buffs hens, 2 road island reds hens and 1 ameriacuna rooster. The two new hens are Jersey Giants. Maybe this is pecking order or just getting getting use to each other. The rooster loves all the attention since we got rid of the other roosters....lol...I wonder why...
    Is there anything we can do to help these undefensiable hens or leave them alone? So far no bloodshed. Figured the Jersey Giants once grown will defend themselves....
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    It is always best to transition new birds in with the oler established birds. This can be done by simply deviding there pen into two areas with a piece of chicken wire. The wire allows all the birds to get used to each other but limits the direct exposure and possibility of serious injury or even death. After the birds all start ignoring each other, that night about 1/2 hour before they go to roost, remove the wire so that they can mix. There should be little or no pecking going on. We do this with al our birds and we have anything from 4 week old birds up to 7 year old birds all mixed together.
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    They definitely need to live side by side first and THEN be put together. You are lucky there has been no bloodshed. I have seen a harassed hen put her head in the corner and allow her tormenters to almost eat her alive. They can be brutal. I pen them off in the run during the day and put them in a cage in the house at night. Once the new birds get over their fear of the old ones it is usually OK but you still have to watch. Layers seem to be the worst with this.

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